Hello! I am Jack Sparrow

Creative Designer & Developer

I’m a writer and designer working in New York City. primarily designs book jackets, working for Creative techs since 2000. i’m also designs for Pantheon, a subsidiary of Knopf, as an editor of Rise of creativity. i’m also an advocate for design: writing books on design, as a co-founder of Design Observerall over the world.

My Work Showcase

The way of working of my projects makes me different from other creative and technical freelancers.

Strategies & Key Initiatives

I can understand that our clients are experts in their respective industries

Stay safe

As you manage through the storm, the AIG team is standing by to assist clients affected by Hurricane Florence.

Protect systems

A secure future for your loved ones is what matters most to you. We can help you build a stronger tomorrow.

Protect my assets

Whether you’re buying a new home or growing your financial assets, we can help you protect what you’ve earned.